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Large Mortgage Loans

We help high-net-worth and sophisticated clients to secure competitive mortgage loans on their UK properties.

With access to mortgages from across the market, we have experience with every type of mortgage. From high-end, buy-to-let properties to dream family homes, our team has the expertise to provide the ideal mortgage solution for you.

Specialists in this unique part of the market, DanJo & Co Financial makes obtaining a large mortgage straightforward. As well as identifying the most advantageous large mortgage rate for you, we act as your trusted partner throughout the purchasing process.

How can I get a large mortgage?

If you are looking for a large mortgage and have a complicated income stream, then you will likely need the assistance of an experienced intermediary with a strong network of industry contacts.

High street lenders will often have a standard checklist of criteria to meet, including three years’ worth of standard accounts, but this is not always straightforward when a high income comes from many different sources or even countries. Using an experienced broker will ensure that you not only get access to large mortgages but also that you are achieving the best value.

DanJo & Co fully understand the requirements involved in accessing a large mortgage. We work with many financial institutions that specialise in offering high-value mortgages. So whatever your circumstances, we’ll be able to advise on the best course of action.

Large Loan Facts

  • A large mortgage typically means £500k and above.
  • Many large mortgage loans are not available on the high street or via the internet.
  • Large loan lenders’ rates and criteria are much more movable for mortgages over a million pounds.​
  • When it comes to high-value mortgages we are currently seeing mortgage rates from 2.75-4%.
  • Mortgages for high-net-worth individuals need to be arranged by large mortgage brokers as they have access to specialist lenders.


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