Business protection is the use of life insurance for those self-employed and critical illness policies to help business owners plan for the financial fall out of the death or illness of them or a fellow business partner.

From experience, we know that every single business is likely to have at least one business protection need.

In Vitality’s recent survey of over 500 business owners, 67% said that their business is their main source of income for their household1. Despite this, 41% have never thought about what would happen to their business if they or a business partner or key employee were too ill to work, died or suffered a serious illness1.

Of those who have Business Protection, 44% said it gives them peace of mind1. Highlighting the value of Business Protection – providing a business with an extra degree of long-term stability and reassurance.

(1 – Vitality research, 2021)

Why DanJo & Co Financial?

Our specialist advisers provide protection plans relevant to your business’s needs and that payout when you need it.

Is it just for Directors of large Ltd Companies?

Absolutely not – but the life assured must be an employee of:

  • A sole trader
  • A partnership
  • A limited liability partnership
  • A limited company
  • A charity

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